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Dog Training Sunshine Coast


After 3 years of first going to puppy school, then enrolling in weekly classes at 6 months of age my staffy was not becoming the dog I wished for her to be....very reactive on the lead, no focus on me.

I was totally frustrated as what I should do when I was told about Shannon and Kirsty at Unleashed Dog Behaviour Training ...only after a few one on one lessons my girl has completely turned around and we are on the road to a very happy and confident future...

I couldn't recommend these amazing ladies more highly to anyone having difficulty with their beloved pooches..looking forward to the next chapter with my girl.

Cheers, Shauna

Dog Training Sunshine Coast


Retaining Shannon to assist us with managing our much loved but highly territorial Hong Kong rescue dog was the BEST thing we have ever done!

Barney is a much calmer and manageable dog and by implementing the techniques and routines Shannon has taught us, we are now able to safely introduce visitors to our home.

We are having so much fun training Barney to do things we honestly didn't believe possible! Forever grateful to Unleashed thank you! Lara x

Sunshine Coast Dog Training


Just want to pass on my extreme happiness with the progress of Sasha.  After inheriting Sasha, along with her came a lot of issues as you were aware of with our first meeting.  I can honestly say the change in her has been unbelievable, and I know with a lot more one on one with her and myself there will be even more progress.  I can honestly recommend Unleashed Dog Behaviour Training as a true godsend for us and would not hesitate recommending you guys to anyone.  So from myself and Sasha thank you so much.

Dog Training Sunshine Coast

Banjo & Karzi

 Well you gals have been amazing. Dealing with two headstrong and mischievous Dalmatians takes all one self control and patience.

 We found you both to be delightful and so helpful in instructing us in how best to deal with our crazy pooches.

 In the later stages or their training, Kirsty was always on board and a very worthwhile trainer, always seeing the positive of our two difficult but lovably dogs.

 We enjoyed your input and your understanding when dates needed to be changed.

 My partner Catherine and I have no hesitation in recommending Unleasehed Dog behaviour to any budding dog owners wanting just a little more harmony with their dog/dogs.

 Richard Sinclair, Doonan

Sunshine Coast Dog Training


Shannon and Kirsty have worked fantastic with me and my dog at the pace I can manage, and helped me with insurance claims too.

So many people are commenting on how quickly Jimmy is responding and is so much happier.

Thanks Claire :)



I found myself and my girl in a situation that I have never been in and I had to do a lot of research to find the right fit for us! Lucky for my girl and I we found Shannon from Unleashed Dog Behaviour!
You see to most people would of said that Charlie girl is aggressive and would of used methods that could of possibly been more damaging! But Shannon nailed it! The results are amazing, but the expectations are real! Only a week ago my girl let someone else walk her... that is huge for any one who doesn’t know us as Charlie has high anxiety! Shannon has built confidence in not only Charlie but me as well! She has given me very clear guide lines and goals that are achievable with practice patience and persistence!
Shannon is always there to support us and to lets us know when we are simply making excuses!
I could go on forever, but in a nutshell I thank everyday that we have Shannon and if anyone is in a situation where you need help Ask! I have owned many dogs, and I never thought I would need help, but I did need help! It isn’t a failure to ask for this help, it is a responsibility to do the best you can for your dog!
Don’t hesitate to make the call and have a one on one in your own home in your pets own environment and make your own decision on your new journey with your fur baby! No regrets, Lorraine.

Dog Training Sunshine Coast


I have a miniature dachshund Franki and I've been using Shannon since puppy school to help me train her.   After puppy school we did 2 in home sessions. 

Now Franki is older I have also done another in home assessment and training one on one at home with Shannon as Franki has separation anxiety.  Shannon informed me we needed to address this in the environment in which Franki was showing her anxiety and put a program in place to address the issues.

After Shannon came to visit me for our in home assessment she had got me to do some great simple techniques which in 2 weeks has made a hugeeeee difference to Franki's behaviour.

It’s been hard, time consuming and for some people maybe costly, but in my eyes it’s been so so worth every cent and minute I have spent. I had slackened off on her training since puppy school and hence why her behaviour was majorly effected and her separation anxiety has been one of the hardest things to get on top of, but with Shannon's help we are getting on top of it.

There's no quick fix to behaviour problems but if you're willing to put in the time and take on the techniques then it all is worth it. I would recommend anyone to try Unleashed Dog Behavioural Training as the training and on going support is second to none.

Thanks Shannon

Dog Training Sunshine Coast


We highly recommend Shannon from Unleashed Dog Behavioral Training to anyone who wants great training by someone who genuinely cares about dogs and gets great results. 

As we both work nights, we found it very difficult to find any professional puppy training classes that were available during the day.  When we found Shannon we were impressed that she was able to come and work with us in the comfort of our own home and work in with our busy schedules.

From the very beginning, Shannon has been amazing to work with.

You can tell she is very passionate about what she does because she took the time to listen to us and gave us lots of valuable information and support to ensure we had fun training our new puppy.

Juice loves her!  - and he has now become a lot more obedient and relaxed  and more importantly socializes really well with other dogs.

We love that he is always a huge ball of energy - but are also thankful that we now have the training to manage his high energy which means more quality time with him at the beach, out for walks and on car rides.

Thankyou Shannon!

Kath, Glen and cheeky Blue Staffy Juice

Dog Training Sunshine Coast


So glad we met Shannon!

Getting another dog was a very big deal for us.  We had a Dogue de Bourdeaux who was a rescue dog.  We were his fourth family in 1.5 years.  He had many, many behavioural isses, the worst being his separation anxiety and fear of storms/loud noises.  We battled these fears for 8 years including many close calls where he nearly died of heat-stroke as he got himself so worked up.  Unfortunately we had to make the decision to give him to someone else as the constant damage to our house was just too much.  My husband and I wished that we had met Shannon whilst we had Rhino as we probably would have been able to keep our big lad, rather than give him away.

We met Shannon at puppy pre-school.  We instantly sae how well the puppies interacted with her and responded to her.  Shannon was also very approachable and easy to talk with.  We had never had a puppy before so were having some sleepless nights.  We called Shannon, followed her advice and two days later... sleep-ins all around!  Four months later and our puppy, a boisterous labradoodle called Pickles, is still sleeping soundly.

After puppy school, Pickles was jumping on and nipping our 7 year old daughter, to the point where she was scared to go outside on her own and wasn't really enjoying her puppy.  He was also fond of digging and basically trying to run our house.  We have been seeing Shannon for behavioural training for four weeks now and we are definately seeing results.  Our daughter is no longer scared to go outside and we no longer have a puppy who enjoys 'gardening'!  Pickles is learning his place and is no longer nipping.  Whilst Pickles still has a long way to go, as he is only 5 months of age, we are far more confident now and are enjoying having him around.

Our daughter is so confident with him now that she is participating in training!

We enjoy working with Shannon and working towards having a happy, well-trained pooch.


David and Nicole Sweetman

Peregian Springs, QLD

Dog Training Sunshine Coast


We arranged for Shannon to visit our home on the first day that our puppy Coco joined our family.  Shannon's expertise and advice was invaluable every step of the way.  Puppy school and additional house visits after we were settled in were a lifesaver in resolving issues that had arisen since Day 1.  We constantly ask ourselves "What would Shannon do?" to keep us on track and stay in charge of our furry friend.


Kawana Waters