One on One Training

Many of the calls we get are cries of help from owners who are looking for help with changing their dogs problematic behaviours which are often dangerous, stressful and destructive.

In these cases there is no point putting these dogs and owners into a class environment as nine times out of ten they will not enjoy the experience and most likely not learn too much from it either.

It is important to understand when teaching dogs new behaviours they need to be in a comfortable and familiar environment in order to be able to learn.  It is also important to understand if you have no control over your dog in this comfortable and familiar environment there is little to no chance of having control in the outside world when competing against so many other distractions.

This is why so often one on one training is such a great option.  Have a look below to find out how this works...

Dog Training Sunshine Coast
Dog Training Sunshine Coast
Dog Training Sunshine Coast

Initial assessment 

The first step to establishing why your dog is displaying unwanted behaviours.  In order to do this we come to your home and conduct and assessment.  This allows our trainers to see your dog in their own familiar environment and observe how they interact with their family, environment and the trainer (as an unfamiliar person to them).  There is also a myriad of questions to find out all we can about your dog in order to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

In many cases we will also take the dog for a walk during this session in order to see what they are like in a different and more distracting environment.  Again seeing how they interact with their handler, the environment and other people and dogs we come across during this outing.

We also then begin your foundation training in this session.  The basics to get you started on your training journey.  This is generally around a two hour process in total.

If you then choose to work with us further your program is tailored to your dogs and families needs, wants and problems.  This ensures you can ask all the questions you need, take it all at your own pace and achieve the goals you need to in a way that suits your family and your dog.

For the time poor family who are unable to get to classes this is the perfect option having the training come to you, in the comfort of your own home at a time which suits everyone involved.

We have heard time and time again that "my dog is great in class but I still can't control it on a walk".  So after the initial assessment we head out to solve real world problems and give you the tools to get your dog into the real world situations you would like, all while having us by your side to support and assist you.

If after completing the program you would like to continue to improve your dogs skills in a supportive and fun environment many of our clients then go on to attend our classes to up skill their own and their dogs in a more highly distracting environment around other unfamiliar people and dogs.

If you would like to find out more about one on one training please get in touch today!