Dog Training Sunshine Coast to help you create happy, balanced, well mannered family and community dogs.


So many people on the Sunshine Coast and all around the world are out there struggling with their puppies and dogs behaviour every single day.   I have devoted my life to helping people to create family and community dogs who are well behaved.  With a dog with good manners and who are well behaved they are then able to join in with more of your everyday family fun such as going out for coffee, watching the kids play sport, going to the beach and enjoying long walks together. Behavioural issues can be well controlled with expert help.

To provide each and every unique family situation and their dogs particular needs I servicing the entire Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland conducting one on one dog training.  As it is never too early to begin training your dog I am able to help you from puppy hood to prevent unwanted behaviour problems as well as teach all the basics of good manners and obedience.  If you have an older dog who needs anything from basic obedience and education all the way through to dogs with behaviour problems which require training to help turn them around I am also able to help.

Providing training from puppy problems, obedience, barking, digging, chewing, jumping, separation anxiety, escaping, toilet training, pulling on lead or not coming when called just to name a few! I provide premium dog and puppy training in the Sunshine Coast.

While you and your dog learn new skills working and training with Unleashed Dog Training you are warmly welcomed into the Unleashed Tribe and to join regular pack walks.  This is the perfect platform for you both to practice all the new skills you have learnt in the company of other dogs and supportive non judgemental owners who are all working through different issues.

If you would like to work and train with a nationally accredited dog trainer and professional qualified veterinary nurse get in touch today to begin your dogs training journey with our exclusive training services.

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I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse and Dog Trainer of many years.  Read here more about why I have chosen Dog Training and what has lead me to help so many dogs and owners.

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Are you ready to take the next step and seek help to get yours and your dogs life back on track?  Book a dog training session or contact me for more information now.

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So you are doing the research to pick the right dog trainer for you and your dog, take a look at what other clients have had to say about their experience at Unleashed Dog Behavioural Training.  Varying from puppies putting their best paw forwards from a young age to adult dogs needing some behaviour modification these dog and human clients are always happy to share their experiences.

Click on the picture of the adorable Piccolo the Mini Daschund, who with the help of her parents are working through separation anxiety.


In the unregulated world of dog training it is important your hard earned money and the welfare of your dog is going into the hands of someone who has studied far and wide in their field, continues to build on their knowledge and has a good network of other professionals to help and support their clients if needed.


Qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2001

Certificate IV Delta CGC in 2005

Certificate III NDTF Canine Behaviour and Training 2017


Certificate III NDTF Canine Behaviour and Training 2017