Dog Training Sunshine Coast
Dog Training Sunshine Coast

Group classes

Group classes are a great way for you and your dog to further your training and relationship together in a supportive and fun environment with other like minded people and the support of a fully certified trainer.  In our classes you will never be judged on yours or your dogs behaviour or performance, our classes are all about support and education to make improvements each session.

We are very passionate about getting the right training for each owner and dog team, therefore group classes are not always the best way to begin this journey. 

Classes are a highly distracting environment to work in with a new environment and unfamiliar people and dogs all in close proximity.  This means some dogs will struggle to learn new information in this setting.  For this reason it may be suggested we work one on one together to set the dog (and the owner) up to succeed in a class setting before putting you in the middle of it.

Classes are a great way to build on the skills you and your dog have learnt and to proof them under higher levels of distractions, as well as teach our dogs how to socialise appropriately with other dogs.

Our classes run on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings at the Eumundi State School in Eumundi.  We are very fortunate to have wonderful facilities which allows us to train rain, hail or shine so classes will not be cancelled due to weather.  They are run in blocks of five week courses with each session being 1 hour long.

We pride ourselves in small class numbers or no greater than ten dogs (may even be smaller depending on the mix of the dogs) so that each person gets the most amount of time from us as possible.

There are also numerous levels of training available so as you and your dog master one set of skills you can progress to more and more difficult distractions and lifestyle skills which will be used in everyday life out and about with your dogs!

If you would like further information contact us now with your enquiry or to make a booking.

What others think of classes:

“Loved tips on how to introduce Spiro to different situations eg. Motorbikes, lawn movers etc as well as lots of handy tips for walking”

‘Great socialisation time during class. Bonus!’

‘We love these classes. Shannon we hope you organise more because we will definitely attend!’

Puppy Class Sunshine Coast
Puppy Class Sunshine Coast

puppy classes

Have you added a new puppy to the family?  Been told you must do puppy class to socialise them correctly?  Then look no further here is Unleash Your Puppy Classes!!

When you bring a new puppy into the home it can be overwhelming and stressful with all the information everyone gives you.  As professional certified trainers we can help you to weed out the not so helpful and know which bits are useful and which bits not so much.

There is a 'critical period' which is from 8 weeks to 16 weeks in a puppies life.  This is the time when puppies take in all the new information on how to socialise in the correct manner with other dogs, humans and the human world.  This is why puppy classes are so important from a young age for all dogs.

Once a puppy has had their first vaccination at the age of eight weeks old they are able to attend puppy classes.  It is important they have had their first vaccination but there is no need for you to wait until after their final 16 week vaccination as the classes are held in a safe environment and all attending puppies and dogs are vaccinated to the same or higher level providing protection.  If you wait until after their last vaccination you have then missed the critical socialisation period which can greatly set back your puppies development.

Our classes are well structured and planned as a poorly run "free for all" puppy class can be very overwhelming for the timid puppy, which can set them back, or be a greatly reinforcing environment for those which are a little too confident and pushy.  This is what will set up your dogs behviour for the future.  Therefore it is super important to find a class which encourages correct socialisation which is carefully controlled to ensure all puppies learn the best manners they can in a safe environment.

What will you learn at puppy classes?

  • Troubleshooting common puppy problems such as nipping, jumping, toilet training etc.

  • How to prevent problem behaviours in the future like pulling on lead, separation anxiety, noise fears and phobias, barking, escaping

  • Basic obedience: sit, drop, focus, come, walking on lead

  • How to interact and play properly with your puppy

  • Teaching new behaviours and how to stopping unwanted behaviours

  • Appropriate way to socialise with other dogs and humans

  • Good diet and why that is important for good behaviour

  • How to appropriately physically and mentally exercise your puppy now and in the future and why that is so important

Our puppy classes are for puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months of age, all must have had at least their first vaccination and be able to provide a certificate as evidence of this.  Classes are run for five weeks at the Eumundi State School on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday evening for one hour per session.  There is a maximum of ten puppies per class to ensure all owners and puppies get enough one on one attention and advice from our trainers as required.  Classes book out quickly so please ensure you book a spot using the button below so no puppy misses out!