What is Crate Training?

When first setting eyes on a crate, it can for many people trigger a somewhat negative response. 

“Oh no, I can’t possibly confine Fido in a cage, that’s cruel!”

Happily, this is not truly what a crate is to your dog.  Crate training is not about locking up your dog and depriving them of freedom.

If conditioned correctly, a crate is a safe space for your dog.  It gives them a small space to retreat to and rest undisturbed, and is a place of calm.  Just like humans, it is important that dogs learn to switch off and just chill.  Crate training your dog can be hugely beneficial in teaching your dog how to do this.  In addition, the crate provides a secure place for your dog to sleep at night – we can’t control what they get up to whilst we are asleep-this keeps both your dog and your house safe!

Crate training is also great conditioning for many day to day scenarios in your dog’s life.  There are many times your dog may need to be crated such as vet trips, grooming trips, car travel, camping, staying at boarding facilities or during recovery from illness or injury.  At these times when the dog is outside it’s familiar environment it is normal for it to be somewhat anxious.  The crate, if previously conditioned, can provide a safe place where they can relax.  Essentially your dog feels like it’s safe place and “bedroom” is going with it, so even in an unfamiliar environment it is much easier for your dog to remain calm or become calm more quickly.

It is important when introducing the crate that a training plan is followed so as to condition the crate correctly.  If we simply crate the dog without the necessary work being put in, we can create stress and anxiety around being crated.  If you want to know if crate training would be a good option for your dog feel free to get in touch with Unleashed via our contact page to discuss it further.